TCP is considered the general purpose, naturally derived triaryl phosphate ester due to its conference of flame retardancy to vinyl compounds while maintaining  low air, oil and water loss.TCP is useful in clear or dark flame retardant  sheeting where pigmenting or opacifying flame retardants are prohibited. Also,

TCP is useful for nitrocellulose lacquers and coatings as it produces tough  clear films and can be used as a processing aid for natural and synthetic rubbers (NBR and SBR). The use of proper protective equipment is recommended. Excess exposure to the product should be avoided. Wash thoroughly after handling. Store the product in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible materials. Unless stated, proper storage will permit usage of the product for 6 to 12 months from the date of receipt. For additional handling and toxicological information, consult the GLCC Material Safety Data Sheet


Product description:

TCP is a low volatility halogen free phosphate plasticizer with good

gelling behaviour for flexible PVC and good flame retarding characteristics in

many polymers.


TCP is used as a flame retardant in the production of articles made of  flexible PVC, such as transparent sheets and cables. It can also be used as lame retardant in flexible PU foam and in different elastomers, as anti wear

additive for mineral oils, as carrier for photo chemicals as well as a flame

retardant component in hydraulic fluids.

Post time: Oct-13-2020