Isopropylated Triphenyl Phosphate

Short Description:

Applications:Flame retardant and plasticizer for flexible PVC
Phenolic resin,epoxy resin
PU flexible foam
PU electronic-pouring sealant
Celluosic resin
Butyl rubber
Halogen free,up to RoHS standards
Compatible with polymers
High efficiency in pasticizing

Packaging:200L steel drum,IBC、ISO-Tank

Product Detail

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CAS NO.:68937-41-7

Typical Properties:

Appearance Clear liquid Clear liquid     Clear liquid
APHA Colour Max80 Max80  Max80
Acid Value mgKOH/g Max0.1 Max0.1   Max0.1
Relative Density g/cm²(20℃) 1.175-1.185 1.170-1.180    1.160-1.175
Flash Point℃ Min220 Min220  Min220
Free Phenol Content% Max0.1 Max0.1 Max0.1
Heating loss% Max0.2 Max0.2  Max0.2
Water Content% Max0.1 Max0.1  Max0.1
Viscosity mPa·S@25℃ 42-53 50-62 60-74
Refractive index(25℃) 1.550-1.560 1.550-1.1560   1.550-1.156
Phosphorus Content,wt% 8.6 8.3 8.1


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